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There is a saying, "to study the way of Tea is to study Zen." Chado is a discipline of concentration and awareness, of training mind and body to be fully present. Through the study of procedure, pace and etiquette, the traditional tea gathering fosters a shared mindfulness of host and guest that intensifies each experience as it arises.


Diana Saltoon, long-time member of Portland's Wakai Tea Association and teacher of Chado, is back in Portland where she now gives demonstrations and workshops on The Way of Tea, and teaches students how to give a tea gathering that produces an ambience of peacefulness, joy, and a natural unity among friends and strangers alike. The ceremony is simply the preparation, serving and drinking of powered green tea, yet within this simplicity lays the very heart of Japanese culture. In the quiet setting of a garden and tearoom, or just a defined space a host can provide at home, guests can contemplate words on a scroll, view the natural placement of tea flowers, and enjoy a bowl of tea in a genuine spirit of hospitality and congeniality.

You can register for workshops or sign up for a tea gathering by contacting Diana Saltoon:


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